Just a Little Bit About Me

The Bonafide Geekette You Never Knew You Needed!!!

After running with the boys in a mainly male-dominated field, I started to test out various entrepreneurial adventures. An introvert, with a bit of a wild streak of extrovert, I’m the secret sauce you never knew you needed.

All the techie stuff! Yup, that’s my jam.

Hello, my name is Kathleen Hanan, and I am the owner and operator of a digital marketing agency. Not only do I have a degree in Management of Information Systems, but I’ve been working in the professional IT world for over 10 years.

What does this mean??

It means IT is my world. But I’ve also dabbled in print on demand and even had a successful EBay and Etsy store selling collectible glass.

I’ve mastered the science of the side hustle. And for a long time, I felt at home in my passion projects.

But then one day I ran across an ad that spoke to me in a way I couldn’t quite grasp. Before I knew it, I’d hired this person as a mentor, and what she poured into me was the art and science of Social Media Marketing.

Before I knew it I’d built a solid agency for myself and went from side hustles and passion projects to thriving entrepreneur.

And I can help you do the same!

Being in this niche combines my love and knowledge of tech with my passion to support and help others in the world of social media and technology.

My job in the professional side of the IT world was to help make people’s jobs easier with the use of technology. I am not only proud to continue this tradition, but I actually enjoy all the various technological platforms, applications and integrations it involves.

The introvert likes being the person behind the curtain and my wild streak embraces the fact that I have my own agency to do it!

Stop trying to do ALL the things by yourself!

When I partner with a client I do so like any business partner would. I can make running your business easier through the use of technology and automation SO you can focus on what you NEED to focus on...

Being out front and center in your business.

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